Sleep is Overrated!

Author Jerome Koehler

My 2021 Gear

To start the new year with actually writing an article, I wanted to share with you the tools (both software, hardware, and some miscellaneous items) that I have personally been using to get stuff done (amongst other things): I’ll… Continue Reading →

Pick for October 6, 2014

Pick for October 6, 2014 iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard(Jerome) I have been searching for a great, portable bluetooth keyboard for a while now and ended up purchasing the iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard due to its portability, price, and ability to connect wirelessly… Continue Reading →

Pick for September 29, 2014

Deliveries by Junecloud I have a need to track a lot of deliveries that are incoming and outbound and needed an applicatio to consolidate tracking information for all of the different services that are utilized by my business and by… Continue Reading →

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