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TD;LR Summary: A great, affordable USB-C hub, that has most of what you need minus power passthrough and a built-in media card reader.

With the all of the different USB-C hubs I have purchased over the past, I have begun to rely mostly on two different companies for my gear: OWC and Anker. In this weekly pick, I will give some feedback on the Anker USB-C Hub that I purchased due to my Satechi hub becoming hot enough to cook on (I might be exaggerating a bit)!

The Anker USB-C hub has three USB 3.0 Ports, 4K HDMI output, and an ethernet port! The only thing that this hub does not have is the power pass-through, more than likely leading to a much cooler running temperature. I have hooked up everything ranging from a media card reader to a 4K dell monitor to the hub and it has handled everything like a charm. I have also used Anker hub to hook my iPad Pro (the newer models rock a USB-C port) to troubleshoot an EdgeRouter on-site when I didn’t have my MacBook Pro with me.