An update to the tools I use:


  • Task Manager – GoodTask + Reminders – Sticking with GoodTask and Reminders for now. I moved over to Omnifocus for a while and fiddled around too much with the settings versus actually using it as a tool.
  • Text Editor – Nova – Also using BBEdit…torn between these two!
  • Terminal App – Terminal – I have been using iTerm and continue to return to as it is on all the macOS devices I use.
  • Automation App – Hazel
  • Online Backup Service – Backblaze
  • Backup Application – Carbon Copy Cloner


  • Reddit App – Apollo
  • Podcast App – Mimir – Fantastic support and the app works really well. Mimir is now my primary podcast app!
  • Camera App – Halide
  • Scanning App – Scan Thing
  • Document Scanning App – Notes
  • Game – Magic Arena – Too many games to list right now! I have cut down on my gaming time to focus on creating more content.

iOS and macOS

  • Twitter App – Tweetbot – Moving between Spring, Twitterriffic, and Tweetbot.
  • Password Manager – 1Password
  • Package Tracking App – Parcel – Since the developer of Deliveries stated they will not be fully supporting their application anymore (not their fault…the changes that all the shipping companies put the devs through make it difficult to maintain), I need to find a replacement application. For now, Parcel is this application…it might meet the same fate as Deliveries later down the road.
  • Calendar App – Calendar App
  • Recipe Manager – Mela
  • RSS Reader – Reeder
  • Read Later Application – Reeder
  • Email Application –
  • Quick Note App – Tot