A July update to my current gear and software:


  • Task Manager – GoodTask + Reminders – GoodTask is still my favorite task manager as it integrates with Reminders and can be as powerful as I want it to be (very customizable).
  • Text Editor – Nova + BBEdit – Depending on the situation, I am switching between Nova and BBEdit…both are great applications.
  • Terminal App – Terminal – It is always nice to use the built in applications as they present on all macOS devices.
  • Automation App – Hazel
  • Online Backup Service – Backblaze
  • Backup Application – Carbon Copy Cloner

iOS / iPadOS

  • Reddit App – Apollo – Since Apollo is now gone due to Reddits very developer-hostile API changes, this app has been retired since 6/30. If you want to still support the developer, head over to Apollo Website, as this app was a nice chunk of his income.
  • Podcast App – Mimir – Fantastic support and the app works really well (it helps the app is a part of Setapp, too). Mimir is now my primary podcast app and is continuously being improved.
  • Camera App – Halide – The best (IMHO) camera app on iOS.
  • Scanning App – Scan Thing
  • Document Scanning App – Notes
  • Game – Magic Arena – Too many games to list right now! I have cut down on my gaming time to focus on creating more content.

iOS and macOS

  • Password Manager – 1Password
  • Package Tracking App – Parcel – This application was a life-saver during the holiday season in helping me keep track of gifts being shipped all over the world.
  • Calendar App – Calendar.app
  • Recipe Manager – Mela
  • RSS Reader – Reeder
  • Read Later Application – Reeder
  • Email Application – Mail.app
  • Quick Note App – Tot
  • Note Taking App – Obsidian – I might be moving over to just utlizing Tot, for now, and using something like iA Writer when I need to write long articles in markdown.
  • Mastodon Application – Ivory – After moving most of my social media presence to Mastodon and Facebok, Ivory has become my go-to application on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.