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Food Flashback Appearance

I recently was a guest on my friend Patrice’s Podcast, Foodie Flashback, and had a blast discussing different foods and my history in regards to preparing my own food. Good times! Check out our episode by clicking here!

Reyn’s Speeder Time Lapse Build

I created a small time lapse the of the construction of set 75099: Rey’s Land Speeder. Due to the low difficulty and small number of pieces, this set was constructed rather quickly…hopefully I will get some more time to put… Continue Reading →

Exporting Your Health App Data

If you wondered how to export your health data from the Health app on iPhone, Chris Giordano from has written a nice little article that details this process step by step:

2019 – Moving Back to Non-Beta Apple Software

As part of a group of IT professionals, we all are usually on the same page when we recommend not to install the latest beta of iOS, iPad OS, or macOS. Even though it looks like everything works well, there… Continue Reading →

May 2019 Pick – Anker USB-C Hub

Products Mentioned in this article: OWC USB-C Travel Dock Anker USB-C Hub 5 in 1 TD;LR Summary: A great, affordable USB-C hub, that has most of what you need minus power passthrough and a built-in media card reader. With the… Continue Reading →

Mameshiba Catch Review

The Japanese have some interesting cartoon characters in their country and Mameshiba( “Link to Mameshiba’s Site”) is one of them. So, what is Mameshiba? It is a combination of both a soy bean and a dog. They released a little… Continue Reading →

Tip – Resizing Finder Windows

As you know, when running your business, time is money. This week’s pick is a tip that will save you, our awesome reader, a bit of time when resizing multiple columns inside of a finder window. To resize multiple columns… Continue Reading →

App Pick – WordPress Mobile App

As more and more users flock to content management systems like WordPress (I personally utilize this CMS for my art business’s storefront), more and more business professionals need to update their blogs on the go. You might have an important… Continue Reading →

Pick for October 6, 2014

Pick for October 6, 2014 iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard(Jerome) I have been searching for a great, portable bluetooth keyboard for a while now and ended up purchasing the iWerkz Bluetooth Keyboard due to its portability, price, and ability to connect wirelessly… Continue Reading →

Pick for September 29, 2014

Deliveries by Junecloud I have a need to track a lot of deliveries that are incoming and outbound and needed an applicatio to consolidate tracking information for all of the different services that are utilized by my business and by… Continue Reading →

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